Private Christenings, Dedications and Naming Ceremonies performed in Cape Town.

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Do you want your child christened and don’t belong to a local church? There is an alternative.


Andred Hayward is a qualified minister although he chooses not to oversee a traditional congregation or church. We believe in the family unit and in good traditional family values.


Whichever style of ceremony you choose, the focus is on the child and the family and on the celebration of Life. Our ceremonies have been described as: fun, enjoyable, relaxing, casual, personal, meaningful, significant, moving, emotional, thought provoking, real, a celebration, challenging and memorable. Ceremonies can take place anywhere you choose: Home, Garden, Church, Forest, Beach, Mountain, Restaurant, Hotel, Boat etc.

At Christenings, we come together to give thanks to God for His gift of new life and to pray for those who set out on their journey of faith. It isn’t an over-stated religious ceremony, but would include a verse of scripture and prayers.

The word “christen” comes from English culture and isn’t properly defined in the modern world. It obviously derives from the word “Christ” and means “to bring to Christ”. Parents who choose to raise their children in the Christian faith would generally follow this choice.

The traditional christening can be held in any venue of your choice and the approach is a religious, traditional church approach and uses water as a symbol of life and cleansing.

A Dedication ceremony is a little different in that the focus is on the parents and other family members and friends as they meet the challenge to be dedicated to raising the child in a certain way.

Dedications can take place anywhere and at any time and can be religious or non-religious in nature.

For those who don’t feel comfortable with a church or religious setting, a naming ceremony, or “civil christening” is certainly an option. Naming Ceremonies are a lovely way of marking the birth of a baby and they can be tailored to suit the family concerned. Parents can put together their own service including poetry, music and readings, and the venue can be anywhere.

A Naming Ceremony is a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved as they pledge their love and support for your child’s future.

It’s also an opportunity to declare before family and friends, your promise to be a good parent and for adult friends or relatives to confirm their special relationship to your child.


Is a Christening ceremony only for babies?2018-04-07T20:10:36+02:00

Babies and children up to age 12 can be part of a christening, dedication or naming ceremony.

Is a child properly named before the Christening?2018-04-06T19:18:33+02:00

Yes. Names are given by parents and registered on the birth certificate. The church has no power to affect this, although the ceremony is used as an opportunity to publically name the child and present them to their circle of family and friends.

Does Christening my child mean that they become part of a particular church?2018-04-06T19:18:48+02:00

No. It is important to note that these non-denominational ceremonies do not baptize your child into any particular church.

Will we receive a Christening certificate?2018-04-14T13:07:05+02:00

Yes. Each child will receive a christening or naming certificate.

Does Christening make my child a Christian?2018-04-14T13:07:12+02:00

No, because it is up to your child to decide whether or not to follow the Christian faith and no church service has the power to force a child to make a particular choice.


R2800.00 + R400 per additional child.  (If you have more than one child you wish to Christen, Dedicate or Name or if you wish to combine the ceremony with other family members)  If the venue for the ceremony is more than 30 km from Cape Town, travel costs will be incurred.


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